Pain Management Treatments at HMT St Hugh's

St. Hugh’s Hospital offers access to our dedicated pain management specialists whether you have private medical insurance, wish to pay for your treatment yourself, or as an NHS patient.
Our pain management service has multidisciplinary teams that include specialist pain consultants, nurses, psychologists and physiotherapists. You will benefit from a personalised treatment programme which also includes the emotional side effects of chronic pain such as anxiety, fear, depression and helplessness.
At St. Hugh’s Hospital we treat for following conditions:

• Back pain
• Neck pain
• Whiplash Injury
• Facial pain
• Headaches
• Muscle and joint problems
• Persistent pain after surgery
• Muscle and joint problems
• Nerve injury or dysfunction (neuralgia)
• Cancer Pain

Our Pain Management Consultants

Procedures Available

To book an appointment

Before we are able to book an appointment to see one of our specialists, we will require a letter of referral from your GP. Once this has been arranged, either you or your GP can contact us to make the initial appointment.
Call us on 01472 251100 and ask to speak to our private patient appointments clerk or Choose and Book.

Self Pay

For patients who want to pay for minimal waiting times, premium service and choice.


We accept NHS referrals. Patients receive NHS treatment at no cost in a premium environment.


We partner all leading health insurers. Benefit from minimal waiting times and premium service.

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