Cervical Laminectomy

Cervical Laminectomy

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Cervical spinal stenosis is where the spinal canal narrows in your neck. This may cause weakness or numbness in your arms and legs. As the condition gets worse, you can develop stiffness and a tingling sensation in your fingers, difficulty walking, problems controlling your bowel and bladder, and even complete paralysis. A narrowed spinal canal in your neck can press on your spinal cord, preventing it from working properly. The condition can also trap the nerves in the spinal canal where it is narrowed or where they leave your spine.

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Various anaesthetic techniques are possible. The operation usually takes one to two hours.

Your surgeon will make a cut on the centre of the back of your neck. They will part the muscles to get to your spine.

Your surgeon will remove enough bone and ligament tissue to open up the narrowed part of the canal, giving the spinal cord and blood vessels more room.

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