Appendicitis means inflammation of your appendix. When your appendix is inflamed it causes pain and makes you feel unwell.

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The operation is performed under a general anaesthetic and usually takes one to two hours.

Your surgeon will remove your appendix either by using laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery or by an open cut on your abdomen.

How to be referred

? You can access treatment either as a self-paying patient, a privately insured patient or as an NHS patient. In all cases, just ask your GP to refer you to St Hugh's Hospital. Once you have been referred for treatment by your GP, if it’s convenient, you can book your appointment before you leave the practice. They will send the appointment booking to us electronically and give you a copy of the details. If you need to consult your diary or would like time to consider your options, you will be sent an appointment request letter so you can book an appointment at a later date. As soon as you have attended your appointment , your treatment will proceed from there. If you have any queries regarding patient referrals please call our Choose and Book team on 01472 251100 and select extension 3307 or 3349.