An abdominoplasty (or ‘tummy tuck’) is a cosmetic operation to improve the appearance of your abdomen. It involves removing excess skin and fat and tightening your abdominal muscles.

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The operation is performed under a general anaesthetic and can take two to four hours.

There are three different types of abdominoplasty – mini abdominoplasty, fleur-de-lys and standard.

As with any cosmetic procedure you will be advised about smoking, weight control and taking a healthy diet before embarking on the surgery.

This information is designed to give useful information. It does not replace the need for consultation with one of our consultants who will advise you accordingly regarding your suitability for the proposed surgery.

You can check that your consultant surgeon is on the specilaist register kept by the General Medical Council (GMC) and all of our cosmetic surgeons are approved and registered with BAAPS.